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Richard Milazzo speaks with David Salle

February 17 David Salle with Richard Milazzo In conversation at the New York Studio School

David Salle – Painter; currently represented by Mary Boone Gallery. Richard Milazzo – Critic, curator and writer
Below are some random quotes, commentary and images from the evening.

Richard Milazzo speaking about David Salle’s, Satori Three Inches within Your Heart, 1988; described it as “something like Carravagio’s Basement.” A wonderful mental image that motivated me to drive out to the painting studio after the lecture, and get to work on a painting that I am wrestling with. There was much discussion between the two men about the associations of the work. Milazzo seemed intent on trying to “figure it out” find meaning in the composed pictures. Salle was reluctant to explain the images, but reassured Milazzo that the impulse to find meaning in his work, and in painting is the same impulse that drives Salle when he is looking at pictures. Salle however didn’t spend much time focused on the “narrative” of the work. Rather he spoke a bit about the composition of images, on picture planes, in a rather formal way.

“Composing a picture on a picture plane has more to do with page design rather than art history.”
Two early birds sitting in the front row with Good Bye D projected onto the wall in the distance.


“What feels like authenticity for one generation, looks like bogus posturing to another.”

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February 2009

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